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Velma at the Break-It Shop.
DEBUT 1989

The Break-It Shop is a location in GROUCHYtown, the hometown of OSCAR THE GROUCH, which is just the opposite of the Fix-It Shop on SESAME STREET. The owner is a Grouch from GROUCHYtown named Velma, who is a friend of Oscar the Grouch.

During their GROUCHYtown tour, Bob continues to take pictures, when suddenly he hears noises coming from the Break-It Shop, which he suddenly realizes is the opposite of the Fix-It Shop on SESAME STREET. A grouchy customer tells Velma that his toaster has a problem: "It's not dented & broken enough!" He gives it to her so she can break it, which she does, very loudly. Bob causes much commotion among the Grouches when he sings a chorus of "People in Your Neighborhood".



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