Sesame Street Season 12 Cast
The season 12 cast with THE SLOPPY JALOPY.
DEBUT 1983

THE SLOPPY JALOPY is OSCAR THE GROUCHs junk car featured on SESAME STREET. The car has a sign painted on the side: "OSCARs Taxi Service: Ride At Your Own Risk". The car was seen on the show as early as season 12.

THE JALOPY was the featured element of the street story in SESAME STREET EPISODE 3081, as OSCAR reminisces about his time with the car.

In The SESAME STREET Special, OSCAR uses a dilapidated taxi cab.

This car is also featured in the 1997 video Fiesta!, where it was being used as a carosa (float) by the kids to replace Rositas broken float. Elmo thought a fairy godmother transformed his pineapple into this SLOPPY JALOPY as the float for the kids.

OSCAR takes Bob to GROUCHYtown in the car in SESAME STREET EPISODE 2648.

Recently, the JALOPY was seen in EPISODE 4134 of SESAME STREET, in which OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA drive the car in a race.

In the 2009 storybook, Love, Elmo, OSCAR is fixing up the SLOPPY JALOPY to use it as a taxicab. The car has a sign painted on the side: "OSCARs Taxi Service: Ride At Your Own Risk".




Follow That BIRDEdit

The Sloppy Jalopy

OSCARs car shown in Follow That BIRD

Another car was featured in Follow That BIRD with a different look & vehicle make. since his horn is broken, OSCAR has a Honker in the backseat to fill that function. A ragged umbrella covers the back area & a "BIG BIRD or Bust!" sign is hand painted in a ragged scrawl. The license plate reads, "SCRAM".

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