TRASH, the thing ALL GROUCHES LOVE most in the world.

TRASH is the thing that all GROUCHES LOVE most in the world. Their hometown, GROUCHland USA is a living embodiment of the saying "1 man's TRASH is another man's treasure", as it incorporates TRASH of all kinds into the very fabric of the citys architecture & economy & treasures. This is the idiom to which GROUCHES will always stick.

Anything a GROUCH likes is best described (to you & me only) as anying DIRTY or DINGY or DUSTY, anything RAGGED or ROTTEN or RUSTY or TRASHY. It has been proven as a fact that getting new TRASH is 1 of the few things that can truly delight a GROUCH, even though they immediately try to hide their joy, as being happy is 1 of the many things that GROUCHES HATE.

While all GROUCHES express their LOVE for TRASH, OSCAR THE GROUCH has shown everybody how much he LOVE TRASH on several occasions with his signature, most famous song ever "I LOVE TRASH" on SESAME STREET. 1 tradition is, whenever OSCAR sings "I LOVE TRASH", his signature song, he is always shown at his TRASH CAN, & nowhere else. OSCARs girlfriend, GRUNDGETTA LOVES TRASH as much as he does.

TRASH is also the 1 thing that any GROUCH would NEVER get rid of. OSCAR considered doing so in EPISODE 3815 (& later EPISODE 3959) cause his pet elephant Fluffy took swing dancing lessons but his TRASH CAN was too full. However, obviously, OSCAR just couldn't let go of his TRASH. OSCAR & FLUFFY, however, eventually came to an agreement.

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  • A sneaker thats tattered & worn. Its all full of holes & the laces are torn. Given to OSCAR as a newborn baby by his MOTHER
  • Some newspaper 13 months old with smelly, old fish wrapped inside
  • A clock that wont work
  • An old telephone
  • A broken umbrella
  • A RUSTY trombone


I Love Trash

OSCAR THE GROUCH, the absolute biggest TRASH LOVER in the world.







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