2208 f
Music by Joe Raposo
Lyrics by Ray Sipherd
Date 1985
Publisher SESAME STREET, Inc.
Jonico Music, Inc.
EKA Episode 2208
1st Episode 2208

"TRASHBAG Waltz" is a SESAME STREET song performed in Episode 2208.

Gordon quickly comes across GRUNDGETTA practicing for the dance contest at the upcoming TRASH Mans Ball. She demonstrates the dance she'll be doing - "The TRASHBAG Waltz" (where she dances with a bag of TRASH) - as GRUNDGETTAs boyfriend OSCAR THE GROUCH sings the tune. Gordon doesnt understand at all why GRUNDGETTA doesnt just use OSCAR for her dance partner, a concept both GROUCHES find ridiculous.

OSCAR criticizes GRUNDGETTAs dance work at the end of the episode, saying it was too perfect. They both argue about it.



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