2538 d
DEBUT 1989

VELMA is a resident GROUCH of GROUCHYtown, the hometown of OSCAR THE GROUCH.

VELMA has only made 2 appearances, in EPISODE 2538 of SESAME STREET, being a member of a tour of SESAME STREET OSCAR was giving to some of his old friends from GROUCHYtown.

The GROUCHES observe Gordon ordering a milkshake. OSCAR tells him they're 1st-time visitors & VELMA offers him a chocolate-covered fish head. He turns it down, but offers her a bite of his turkey salad sandwich, which disgusts her at 1st, but she tries it anyway. OTTO takes pictures of them w/ the food.

Later that day, as OSCAR & the GROUCHYtowners reconvene, WORBY complains hes really sick of being patted on the head, & he wishes he was back in GROUCHYtown. VELMA & OTTO are homesick too, & the 3 sing "Dear OLD GROUCHYtown". A sympathetic OSCAR agrees to end the tour & take them to the bus stop.



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