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W is the 23rd letter of the English alphabet. W was 1 of the brave, early sponsors of SESAME STREET; it sponsored the 1st episode, along with E, S, 2, & 3, & sponsored some of the test shows (starting with the 2nd pilot). It also sponsored the 1st SESAME STREET movie, Follow That BIRD, along with B.

The letter, which begins such words as witch, wolf, Western, Wodehouse, & Washington, has often been depicted in Muppet form, pummeling Kermit the Frog in an early lecture, eluding capture by Sergeant Thursday in a Dragnet spoof, & more recently, performed by KEVIN CLASH, being interviewed by Larry King. The "wuh" sound of W has so endeared itself to the public s to become the center of Berts society, The National Association of "W" Lovers. In the Gift of the Magi story as heard in Merry Christmas from SESAME STREET, Bert said that he had a paperclip shaped like a W.

The letter W has appeared in the sketch American I (a spoof of American Idol) as a contestant to become the next American I by the help of his letter I lessons.

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