4127 d
Mr. Warren Blechstein
DEBUT 2006

Mr. Warren Blechstein is a GROUCH who breeds GROUCH dogs, most especially ROTTENdoodles. He appears in SESAME STREET EPISODE 4127.

As the episode opens, GRUNDGETTA is playing with her new ROTTENdoodle, ITCHY -- a flea-ridden GROUCH dog that does absolutely nothing she asks it to. OSCAR asks GRUNDGETTA where he can get a ROTTENdoodle of his own. GRUNDGETTA calls the breeder.

Mr. Blechstein, the breeder, makes sure OSCAR will provide a GROUCHY ROTTEN home for his new ROTTENdoodle puppy. After being shown that he can, Blechstein gives OSCAR a book about pet care & the leash to his new pet, CRANKY.



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