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WORBYs Store.
DEBUT 1989

WORBYs Store is a location in GROUCHYtown, the hometown of OSCAR THE GROUCH, which is the opposite of Hoopers Store back on SESAME STREET. The owner, of course, is a GROUCH from GROUCHYtown named WORBY, who is a friend of OSCAR THE GROUCH.

On their GROUCHYtown tour, OSCAR takes Bob to WORBYs Store, which is the opposite of Store back on SESAME STREET. OSCAR calls WORBY out & then he agrees to give them some food if they get lost. The specials of the day were a sardine-blueberry sandwich, a pepper-marshmallow steak, & a tomato surprise (which theyre out of). Bob doesnt want to eat anything at first, but OSCAR reminds him that trying new foods is a part of the traveling experience. Bob, to everyones surprise, likes the sardine-blueberry sandwich when he tries it! OSCAR reassures a distraught WORBY, "Hes only a tourist here; he doesnt know any better."



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