Wormy Gras
WORMS celebrating WORMY Gras
DEBUT 2000

WORMY Gras is the biggest WORM holiday there is; where WORMS all over the world celebrate the joys of WORMiness. Festivities include dressing up in costumes & taking part in a parade with Dixieland band music.

The holiday was celebrated on SESAME STREET in EPISODE 3856; SLIMEY spends most of his day before the parade deciding what to wear, finally settling on a GROUCH costume, the same costume that his friend, SYLVIA (the pet of GRUNDGETTA, who is the girlfriend of SLIMEYs owner OSCAR THE GROUCH), settled on too. Other WORM costumes included a straw for an ice cream float, Carmen Miranda, Barney the Dinosaur, a hotdog & the WORMettes. The holiday is a spoof of Mardi Gras, a popular holiday celebrated in New Orleans, Louisiana.




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